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What is Topwin?

Use your skills & win beautiful prizes.

Topwin is the platform where you can use your skills to win beautiful prizes.
The game? Spot-the-ball. Each game has multiple sports pictures from which the original ball is removed.
You click where you believe the center of the ball is. The player that is closest to the center wins. Each game has a winner!

  • A Big thanks to the Topwin Team for this super smartphone!!

    Mathias_Santens, winner of the Apple iPhone 8 - 256GB
  • Very beautiful watch & thanks for the nice letter!!

    Philip, winner of the Theorema Casablanca
  • That's 1 year of free Netflix access! Woohoow! :-)

    anthony.van.ranst, winner of the Netflix - €100 Gift Card
  • Anriv2011, winner of the €100 Gift Cards
  • Easiest €200 I've ever got :-), thanks for the nice prize!

    safke9000, winner of the Bol.com - €200 Gift Card